Quick Facts

United Methodist Foundation of Western Pennsylvania

Non-profit ministry helping local churches, agencies, and individuals manage stewardship resources
Founded in 1970
Separately incorporated
Supporting organization of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference
Member, National Association of United Methodist Foundations

Our Services

Assisting Individuals who establish endowments, bequests, and life-income gifts for United Methodist causes

Providing long-term funds management services for churches and agencies

Leading financial management seminars and Webinars

Awarding grants that enhance United Methodist ministries

Guiding Growing Faithful Ministries capital campaigns

Over $70 million in funds management services

Over $2.8 million in income distributed annually

Over 660 accounts held for churches, agencies, and individuals

Approximately $687,337 in 354 grants since 2001

Funds Management Approach

Core Balanced Account is managed as a balanced account, primarily investing in domestic and international stocks and bonds with a modest cash position for liquidity

All funds are invested with a conscious effort to follow the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church.


Board of Directors
31 highly qualified members
Organized in committees
Richard K Thomas, Chair
Thomas H. Heisey, 1st Vice Chair

The Rev. D. Edward Bailey, Executive Director
Megan McGee, Associate Director
Michele Cesare Jury, Associate Director
Lauren McDaniel, Administrative Assistant
Betsy D. Hohlfelder, Staff Accountant
Four specialists, as required

Contact Us

United Methodist Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
Benedum-Trees Building, Suite 707
223 Fourth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: (412) 232 0650 or (800) 743 2128
Fax: (412) 232 0675