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Long-Lasting Gifts

Here are several ways to provide long-lasting gifts in memory or honor of a person or event, to provide for a specific purpose, or to endow a favorite cause.

Memorial Gifts
At the death of a close friend or relative, we often seek ways to provide a tribute to them and their life. One way is to make a memorial gift. Most churches have memorial funds, and when a gift is made the donor receives an acknowledgement as well as a gift receipt. The family is then notified of the gift by the donor (but not the amount of the gift).

Because memorial funds at churches sometimes go unused or do not provide a lasting tribute, a church may have created a memorial endowment fund. By doing this, memorial gifts are added to the principal of the endowment. An annual gift of income can then be made to the church on All Saints Sunday as a continuing testimony of the legacy of faith that has been provided by the individuals in whose name gifts have been made. For more information on establishing such a fund please contact the Foundation.

Gifts to Honor
Gifts that are given to honor someone are usually given during the honoree’s lifetime. It is often difficult to find something to give to honor a birthday or anniversary that is both appropriate and has genuine lasting significance. A gift to a church or other United Methodist cause such as the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) can be a meaningful expression of one’s love for another. Please contact us for suggestions regarding such gifts.

Specific-Purpose Gifts
All of us have specific concerns for ministry that we deem to be a priority. Sometimes the budget pressures of congregations are such that our particular passion is either not funded, or not funded at an appropriate level. Therefore, you may consider making a designated gift to fund a particular ministry for which you care deeply. Such a gift should be done in consultation with the pastor and/or church counsel so as to be sure that it can be administered properly.

You may also consider beginning an endowment fund so that the income from such a fund can perpetuate the funding of that particular ministry.

Endowments are permanent funds that are administered by a trustee for the benefit of a particular church or agency. This service is provided by the Foundation in order that a fund may be professionally managed according to the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church, and that its purchasing power may not be eroded over time.

The Foundation also provides for strict adherence to the wishes of the donor in order that the purpose for which the fund is established is indeed honored by the church. These funds can provide for the general needs of the church or for specific ministries. Also, multiple beneficiaries can be named such as the local church, a camp, a mission project, or a United Methodist college.

If there are other questions you’d like us to address about long-lasting gifts, please send us an email.