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Reasons for Giving

Why do people give?

You probably have great personal reasons for giving, some of which may be included among those listed here.

Perpetuating Your Christian Influence
We recognize that we are the inheritors of the wonderful legacy of those committed Christians that have gone before us. Each of us has an opportunity to perpetuate our own commitment to the faith in a number of ways. One very significant manner in which you can do this is by making provisions for funding ministry after your death. We hope you will explore a variety of ways in which you can perpetuate your legacy of faith.

Endowing Your Passion
The call of Christ speaks to each of us in different ways. As we respond to the various ministries of the Church there are those that become more passionate to us than others. You may have a deep concern for missions, or youth ministry, or perhaps it is music or the food pantry that captures your heart. In order to ensure that the concern you have for these ministries continues you can take steps to direct your resources in a way that ultimately benefits those concerns that have captured your interest.

Doing Well While Doing Good
You may not think that you are able to make a gift at this time given your current economic circumstances. This being the case, you might want to consider a life-income gift. Matching one of these gifting opportunities has the potential to provide increased income to you now while making a commitment to fund a specific ministry in the future. Also, by taking full advantage of various tax provisions, you may be able to afford a gift of a greater size than you thought would be possible.

Here are some comments from individuals who have developed their Christian stewardship in various ways.

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