Resources for Clergy

Why Don’t People Give?

Other charities do it better

  • They get more feedback as to how their gifts are being used.
  • They feel they are more important to the success of the mission.
  • They can give to a very specific cause.

They are not given a specific target

  • “More” is not specific.
  • They don’t know if what they give will be worthwhile.
  • It is not clear what their giving will do.

They are asked to give to a budget

  • The plea is based on an accounting “balanced budget,” not people.
  • The plea is so we can just do what we did last year.
  • There is a threat of things being cut out.

Past gifts were not valued

  • Statements looked like bills, not like “Thank You.”
  • Little information was provided as to how the gifts were used,
  • Not much personal affirmation of gratitude for faithfulness,

Lack of understanding

  • No theological affirmation is given about the need to give,
  • Gifts only seem to support the building.
  • Little or no help is provided to assist in determining the appropriate level of gift.

Feeling of isolation

  • No personal contact with the pastor or leadership is felt.
  • They feel “out of the loop” regarding the decision-making process.
  • There was no clear opportunity to solicit their opinions on priorities for ministry.

Sense of hopelessness

  • The goal seems to just keep the doors open.
  • New programs are seldom proposed.
  • No celebration of ministry successes is held.