Resources for Clergy

Why Do People Give?

Out of gratitude

  • They are thankful for what they have received.
  • They realize that God is the source of what they have.
  • They have experienced blessings in their life.

Belief in the mission

  • They know what the Church is about.
  • The programs and ministry are in line with their perceptions.
  • They want to be a part of the results.

They trust the leadership

  • There has been a demonstrated sense of accountability.
  • There are systems and controls in place to insure fidelity.
  • Their past gifts have been properly accounted for and reported.

Peer pressure

  • Friends have encouraged them to be a part of the church.
  • Their families are involved in the programs.
  • There has been a sense of “Financial Evangelism.”


  • They have wanted to acknowledge a significant event.
  • They want to honor their family or a special person.
  • They want to leave a legacy to their faith commitment.

They are involved

  • They volunteer their time to various ministries in which they believe.
  • They feel a part of the decision-making process.
  • They take pride in the accomplishments of the church.

They respond to specific needs

  • They can make designated gifts to specific purposes.
  • They want to express a concern for a passion they have.
  • They can identify with a clearly defined cause.

Out of guilt

  • There is a deep-seated fear of not responding.
  • There is a hope that gifts will buy them God’s blessings.
  • There is an event in their lives for which they want to atone.

They have been trained to give

  • Their family has taught them that giving to the church is a part of who they are.
  • The church has provided a supportive environment for them to respond to God’s call.
  • The leadership of the church has made a consistent effort to help them understand the need to respond.