Resources for Clergy

Capital Campaign Basics

1. Dream “big enough.”

  • Look beyond the current needs to five-to-ten years ahead.
  • Go beyond the “accountant types” in setting your vision.

2. Involve everyone.

  • People are down on what they are not up on.
  • Ask every group to list their dreams and needs.

3. Establish priorities.

  • Value all suggestions, even the small ones.
  • Do not list costs, just priorities for ministry.

4. Plan to succeed.

  • Consider using professional campaign counsel.
  • The highest cost of any campaign is the money you do not raise.

5. There is no magic.

  • Establish a clear plan and involve as many as possible.
  • Keep to an accepted time-line.

6. Recruit key leaders.

  • Enroll those with “influence and affluence” to lead.
  • Focus on equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.

7. Be realistic in setting your goal.

  • One-to-three times your annual giving is usually doable over a three-year pledge period.
  • If your project is too expensive, explore how it can be staged over two or three campaigns.

8. The basic elements of all campaigns:

  • Planning
  • Advance commitment
  • Education
  • Response
  • Acknowledgment