For Clergy

Our financial services and educational programming are designed especially for clergy in keeping with United Methodist Polity.

If you have questions about taxes, how to handle the clergy housing allowance, what’s new in tax laws affecting clergy, or other taxing issues, see our Tax Information page.

See what recent attendees have said about our annual Clergy Tax Seminar, one important part of our educational programming.

If your personal financial preparation or investment strategy is suffering, if you need a good reference for financial or investment advice, or if you have questions about insurance or legal documents, see our Financial Preparation page.

If you are nearing retirement and are faced with buying a home, perhaps for the first time, and have questions about mortgages or other housing decisions, see our Housing page.

If you are wondering about why people give, for prayers to inspire giving, or how to discuss issues surrounding long-term finances in your church, or are looking for appropriate scriptural passages to do so, see our Clergy Resources page.

If there are any other areas that you would like to discuss or questions you’d like us to address, please send us an email.