For Churches and Agencies

United Methodist churches and agencies often have questions concerning obtaining long-term funding and how to manage the funds with which they have been entrusted. The Foundation’s financial services and educational assistance will help you.

If members of your church or agency are inquiring about ways to fund the future of your ministries or you are looking for ways to augment your ministries, check the materials we provide in our Encouraging Giving section.

If you have received a bequest and need to understand your responsibilities and avoid issues, check out our Bequests page.

If you are wondering how to set up or continue to support an endowment program that will provide a stable source of funding for ministry, check our Endowments section.

If you are interested in establishing a viable funds management approach for your church or agency that is in keeping with The United Methodist Church Social Principles, see our Managing Your Gifts section.

Then visit our Funds Management Tools page and learn about the Foundation’s three Accounts. Our pages on Questions When Opening an Account and Account Policies and Procedures will help you understand our approach to helping you manage your accounts.

Our Grants page will lead you to information about this annual program, which provides assistance to churches and agencies interested in fostering new and existing United Methodist ministries.

If there are any specific programs that we can bring to your church or agency, please use our on-line Request for Services Form.

Send us an email if there are any other areas that you would like to discuss or questions you’d like us to address.